About Goebazar

Goebazar Retails Pvt Ltd - A manufacturer, importer & distributor of mobile phones brand named megUs mobiles. we are available now and our range of phones carry a message of a clear 'value for money and quality on offer'. On the onset we are bringing entry level bar phones (Fondly known as feature phones) and gradually moving to other segments targeting the mass audiences.

Who we are

megUs mobiles is a brain child of people who go back more than two decades in their respective fields and having worked with each other for reasonably long know each other inside out. Hence they bring about a collective Passionate drive to attain a common GOAL.

Why choose us

megUs mobiles tagged smartly as #BaatBanJaye which denotes our company's vision to empower the audiences and communities by providing a device solution to make it a win-win situation for all…..Yes BAAT BAN JAAYE indeed.

Message from management

We have very carefully derived our Go-to-Market strategy taking views from some of the renowned channel partners and we are pleased to quote here that our tagline "Baat Ban Jaaye" has reasonable assurance about being a win-win for all stake holders. megUs assures you of quality with looks, dynamic pricing with a clear mandate and support from numerous channel partners.

It's time for the next move, next turn, and next challenge….. Yes we are ready, megUs ready.

Happy Selling megUs !!!

Message from sales desk

Goebazar retails announces the latest mobile phone brand "megUs". The range of feature phones designed specially keeping in mind the desires and need of INDIA. The portfolio consists of phones ranging from Rs 800/- to 1800/- to the customer and promises to be a value for money buy for its targeted audiences.

megUs is a brainchild of a trinity of professionals from the Telecom Industry with each having two decades each of experience, and thus they arrive at a model mix of such user experience which is unparalleled. The initial offering ranges from four models with 1.8-inch, 2.4-inch and 2.8-inch segments and already the development work is on for 4G volte and smartphones as well.

The focus is entirely on providing the customer with a phone which has Quality looks and reasonable affordability. All the models have the wireless FM, Vibration mode inbuilt along with the regular features like great Battery back-up, Cameras etc. The company strategy as per Mr Nikhil Chopra (Chief Sales officer) is to go with a measured pace and target the audiences of tier 2, tier 3 towns and the upcountry. The vast experience of having handled teams and channels over the years will come in handy in establishing a solid distribution channel for us. We have already appointed a few renowned names of Distribution houses based in South and North India and will look out for similar associations with Rest of the country soon.

Happy Selling megUs mobiles!!!

Our Team

Finance and Admin

Finance and Admin is headed by our Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, Co-Founder/Chief Financial Officer who has more than 22 Years in the same role and has worked broadly in the similar capacities with other similar companies/Brands.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing is headed by our Mr. Nikhil Chopra, Chief Sales Officer who has more than 22 years in Sales and distribution with more than 17 years in pure Mobile phone device distribution. Having worked and launched other similar brands brings about lots of flair and passion to the Team megUs.

Product and Service

Product and service is headed by our Mr. Tarunendra Singh, Co-Founder/Chief Product officer who has more than two decades under his belt innovating new products and technologies and providing after sales service in the similar capacities with other brands. Together these three are Speer heading the megUs team where more similarly like-minded and passionate team members will be joining shortly.
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